Sherri Murphy is a remarkable person, and an Excellent Life Coach! Her ongoing support and ever-positive outlook proved invaluable to my home life AND to my career! 

After many successful years in a large organization, I was forced to make a life decision to uproot my family or 'start over'... My choice was a difficult one with persuasive arguments on both sides. With Sherri's supportive, yet objective coaching perspective, I was able to come to the decision that changed my life for the better.  Anyone can highlight the obvious impact of career on financial and familial obligations, but Sherri helped me to include the impact of my own happiness on the big picture. At the end of the day, my decision to leave that position was truly a blessing and I can honestly say that I am enjoying great success on a completely different career path, AND my family and I have never been happier!  - Christine

Sherri has been down many paths with me and has provided coaching through some very difficult and painful times. Currently, I am working through a painful personal transition, which at times leaves me overwhelmed. Sherri is the rudder, helping me steer through the buffeting emotions, helping me set goals and define a plan to get to where I need to be.  Just being able to set a goal and identify a plan takes some of the stress away and gives me hope that I will get through. I will not just survive, I will thrive.

There are many qualities Sherri has which make her support and guidance so very effective. The top three would be: her listening skills, her aptitude to find the positive in any situation and her firm but oh so supportive, "got your back" drive to keep one moving forward.

With her ability to actively listen and hear what I am saying, Sherri has coached me in dealing with everything from HR issues in my professional life through to helping me articulate the barriers, which continue to hold me back within my personal relationships. Often times in this type of situation, the conversation is very probative, drilling into experiences and feelings, which may be difficult to discern. Sherri seems to have a wonderful gift of being able to take the conversation to the root cause areas, replay what she has heard and "hit the nail on the head" thus helping me actually understand the situation for what it really is.

Sherri also has an ability to guide one through a myriad of negative emotions, including anger, fear and sadness, to discover an opportunity or silver lining as it were. She continuously helps me find a positive in every dark experience.  It may take some time, and it may be something small but it is something positive. She builds on this by helping me identify and strive towards the good, turning my perspective from the negatives of the most challenging horrible experiences towards the positive of what that journey has given me.

There is strength in Sherri and she shares it. She continuously fosters a sense of confidence and worth, which feeds a "don’t settle" attitude. She backs this up with her capacity to support and keep me moving forward. There is always support to keep me from falling back to old ways, or settling because it is easier or with less conflict. I have important goals and important needs and she supports and fortifies my strength to rise to the challenge and come through.

I would highly recommend Sherri as a life coach. She has been an invaluable resource to me. - Mary

My first experience with Sherri was immediately following a devastating family tragedy.  I reached out to her by phone, and she became my lifeline.  I felt like I was drowning. Even over the phone Sherri was able to calm me, help me manage my shock and help me breathe.  One of the most meaningful things she said was so simple, yet so profound, it continues to resonate with me and serve as a reference point to me, many years later.

My next experience with Sherri was when I found myself floundering and depressed after a series of events left me emotionally shattered and physically displaced.  I asked Sherri for her help.

We met at her home, a space that feels very safe and comfortable.  Sherri gently probed with thought provoking questions to get to the root of why I was feeling the way I was.  Together we formulated a plan as to how I could get to where I’d love to end up.  We had a series of follow up sessions that produced a written life script and continued guidance from Sherri.  As I’m writing this, I realize I am exactly where I set out to be!

Sherri’s methods are structured enough to allow for a timetable of progression yet flexible enough to allow people to walk their own path and make it to their goal.  Her common sense, down to earth approach is laced with empathy, compassion, humour and meaningful analogies. - Leslie

I've known Sherri for thirty years now and it has been a sincere pleasure.

To me, she has always been an inspiring, strong and confident woman.  I couldn't imagine a more positive person than Sherri as a Life Coach.

Her own story is very enlightening and I wish she'd been a Life Coach many years ago.  I definitely would have enlisted her services.

I know you will do amazingly, Sherri! - Linda