It was a long, winding path for me to figure out the answer to that question!

I was born to an unwed mother at a time when it was not very acceptable, nor fashionable, especially to a staunch, Catholic family.   This started me on my quest to be accepted, especially by males, as even from that early time the rejection of a biological father who wanted nothing to do with me was palpable.

Fast forward, I'm 29, married to someone with substance abuse issues, and the mother of a 5 month old.  My own mom, who suffered with mental health issues and was in a very unhealthy marriage, passed away due to an addiction to prescription drugs at the young age of 50. Was it intentional?  We'll never know.  What I took from her untimely passing was the strength and knowledge to never stay in a relationship that wasn't healthy for me or my daughter.

I ended my marriage a couple years later (it did take me a while to muster up that strength) and I embarked on the life of a single mother.  There were 2 more marriages after that, one I ended, the other was ended for me.

Throughout this time I also lost my dearest friend, also at the age of 50, I always thought of her as my soulmate, and her loss was in many ways like losing my mom all over again.

All of these major  transitions were difficult no matter how you look at it.  There are always a number of steps or hurdles, and many emotions, you must get through to come out whole on the other side.  Setting goals, taking the time needed to figure out how best to move forward without falling back into the “what ifs”, understanding what you want next, make the transition less difficult.

With my daughter as my strongest ally, a number of good friends and family members I could count on, and exploring my spirituality I have overcome the self-doubts, the perceived rejection and sense of not belonging.  I am now blissfully whole and enlightened.  I've overcome my fears; heights, being alone, even leaving a secure job to persue my life purpose - helping people get through their own transitions, and being the best version of themselves they can.

Through all of this I have come to realize that my life purpose is to draw on all the transformations I've gone through to help others as they go through theirs.