Small Pond or Big Pond?

Recently I was watching the movie Big Fish with a dear friend.  A lovely Sunday afternoon on the comfy couch with a bowl of popcorn!

My friend had never seen the movie and it was likely my 5th or 6th time.  Watching it with someone who hadn't seen it made me pay closer attention and I picked up a number of things I either hadn't noticed before, or frankly, had forgotten.

There is a scene where the son was watching goldfish in a bowl and the dad was telling him how much bigger they would grow if they were in a large pond or body of water.  Of course, the movie is called Big Fish, so you can imagine where that goes!

But it got me thinking about myself and what size pond I live in.  If I expand my boundaries, or pond, how big will I grow.  I sometimes feel like my pond is very small, and other times like it has no limits.  That's where I am right now - no limits.  The more I grow (and I'm not talking physically) the bigger my pond needs to be, and the bigger my pond is, the more I can grow.

Consider how big your pond is.  Is it too small, or do you have room to grow?  I hope I never stop growing and that there will always be a pond to grow into.  And I hope the same for you!  Go for it, become a Big Fish!!


Live and sparkle!

Thoughts on Metamorphosis

I visited the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory this past week.  I love it there, watching the butterflies just do what they do!  Fly, flit, land - oblivious to the awe they create in the people wandering by.

I stood at the Emergence Centre for quite a while - I really like that word, emergence.  There were butterflies in all states of their development.  To them, this is a natural process.  They can't do anything to stop it or change it's direction.

What about people and their metamorphosis?  We are all on a path to emergence or metamorphosis, but sometimes things get in our way and cause us to stall.  We can't always do it on our own.  We need the help of others who can make sure we're on our correct path - to help us emerge to our better selves.

If you need help unfolding your wings, I'd be happy to assist.  Let your true self emerge - have your own Metamorphosis.  Fly, flit, dive, thrive!!!

Live and sparkle,




Freedom - We need to be ready for it!

Canada's 150th birthday - a celebration of all that is wonderful about living in a free country.

What do you think of when you think about freedom?  There are so many versions of it, everyone likely has their own definition.  The Canadian Oxford Dictionary states - "the condition of being free or unrestricted, personal or civic liberty, absence of slave status."

This got me thinking.  We all want freedom; freedom to choose, freedom in our relationships, freedom to move about as we like.  But sometimes when we get that freedom, we can lose our sense of safety.

Freedom opens many previously closed doors, but then we are forced to make decisions we might not have the tools to make.  Take for instance when slavery was abolished.  These individuals were now free to do as they wanted, but many of them weren't actually prepared for a life of freedom.  They were set free into a world that was an unknown to them.  How difficult that must have been - we all feel lost when we find ourselves in situations we are not prepared for.

I think we've all been there.  Some of us just open those doors and leap,  Others are a little more cautious - we want to have an idea of what we are getting into and how to best maneuver.

Are you a leaper or a planner?  There is no right or wrong answer, just something to think about.

Thank you Canada for giving us the freedom to take the opportunities and be free!

Live and sparkle,



Chasing Illusions

Do you ever feel like you are chasing something that might not really exist?  I've done a lot of thinking about that recently.

I'm talking about people who you think are part of your life.  The people who you always seem to be chasing down to get together, to have a conversation with, to share something with.  

Lately I've really been examining my relationships (it is, after all, what I help others do) and have found that I have spent a lot of time being the one who stays connected.  And having connectedness as one of my strengths, that makes sense.  But one has to stop and look at what comes back from some of these "chased" relationships.

Is the effort becoming more than the outcome?  I think we attempt to keep relationships alive that are perhaps not serving our own greater purpose, not filling any real need within us, have passed their best before date.

I recently read a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo) - it's focused on getting your home in order, getting rid of that which does not bring you joy.

I'm applying the concept to all aspects of my life.  If I'm really just chasing an illusion of a relationship, it's time to stop and focus on the ones that bring me joy.

What about you?

Live and sparkle,


Clouds and Life

I was doing some meditation in a friends backyard recently.  It was a beautiful, sunny day (rare occurence these days).  At the conclusion of our session, as I was wiggling my toes and stretching I opened my eyes and gazed at the sky.

The clouds were amazing.  I lay there and watched them for quite a while.  There were some big fluffy clouds, surrounded by lots of smaller wispy ones.  It was quite windy so the "landscape" of the small ones changed quite frequently.  The larger ones had a little more staying power and didn't change quite so quickly.

It reminded me of life, and how sometimes it changes so fast we hardly recognize it when we look back at where we were.  It's so true what they say - here today, gone tomorrow.  

So be sure to grab all you can out of each day, you never know when a great wind will come along and blow it in a different direction.  And that isn't a bad thing - it just means you need to be able to change with it and accept it, cause life will constantly change and there isn't always a way to stop it.

Live and sparkle, 



Spring Time Tune-up

I love this time of year - all the gardens being dug up for new seedlings or plants.

I was watching someone with a rototiller in their garden - churning the soil, turning it for oxygenation and to bring healthy life to what they would plant.  There is something about machinery that fascinates me.  Watching it got me thinking about how we sometimes need to roto-till ourselves.

Dig up the old and let it go so the new can grow and thrive.  Just think if we did that every spring, took the time to look after our internal garden.  Let go of that which does not serve us and replace it with positive, healthy thoughts.  Give ourselves a little spring tune-up to ensure we keep growing and blossoming.

What kind of "seeds" would you plant - evaluate your priorities, spend more time looking after you, doing things that make you happy, spending more time with loved ones.  Whatever your "seeds" would be, now is the time to get that garden started.  And make sure it's a healthy one, so it lasts till next spring when you get to do it all again.

Live and sparkle,


How Do We Know?

I've just been watching interviews with the late, great Robin Williams!  Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Whoopie, Bill Crystal.  Such a funny, human, down to earth individual.  He made every host feel like they were the most special person in the world when he was talking to them.

So sad, that that feeling didn't transfer itself to him.    Like so many people with mental health issues, especially silent ones, they spend their lives making sure everyone else is okay, and not themselves.

As the daughter of someone who took her own life, my mom was always making sure everyone else was okay and then would hide her demons from those same people.

Keep an eye out for your friends - do regular check ins.  You just never know when they are going through something a lot deeper than what they let on.  You also don't know what small gesture may just be the one that makes a difference.

Deep thoughts for a dark, rainy night.

Live and sparkle,



Relationship Merry-Go-Round

In many ways, I think relationships can be compared to a merry-go-round.

Sometimes you sit comfortably, side by side on the big benches, totally in synch.

Sometimes one of you is on a big horse going up and down while your partner stands solidly beside you, with their hand on your back so you feel safe.

Sometimes you are on horses, side by side, going up and down, close enough to reach out and touch hands, but far enough away to be in your own world.

And sometimes you end up on opposite sides of the carousel, going up and down, not able to make contact, only seeing your own reflection in the big mirrors that make up the centre.

But when the ride is over, wherever you have been situated during it – you should head in the same direction to go through the exit gate together.  Having shared a great ride.

Has your relationship ever felt like this?

Live and sparkle,


Are We Ever Really Alone?


I’ve been talking with a number of people lately who struggle with the feelings that creep in when we feel like we’re all alone.

You know, the loneliness, the feeling like there is no one who understands, letting our doubts and insecurities take over our sense of ourself.

It’s generally pretty easy to feel good and be uplifted when we are around people who care about us and our well being, someone to share your thoughts with.  But really, who is the person who you should be able to depend on for that – the person who should really be your best friend?

That person is you!  You should have your own best interests at heart, you can be the one to lift yourself up, you can be your best friend.  Just think about how you feel if one of your friends is going through a tough time.  You want to be there for them, you want to help them feel better; you want to listen and be gentle.  Oh yes, be gentle.

So be gentle with yourself, be as kind to you as you are to those you care about.  Make yourself someone you care about.  It will make an amazing difference.  Stand beside yourself, be your best friend.

So, are we ever really alone – no, we can always with a friend who cares.

Live and sparkle,



Being someone fairly new to meditation, I always find that no matter how still I am, there is always noise in my head.  Sometimes quite loud and other times very quiet, but always present.

This morning I got into a relaxed position, my cat Bella snuggled up beside me - she loves it when it's time to meditate, soft music playing and I focused on my breathing.  Just breathing.  After a couple minutes I realized there was no noise in my head, nothing external or internal!

What an amazing feeling!  I was able to lay there and just be.  I've struggled with getting rid of the noise.  There always seems to be so much of it around us.  I've been able to do what I call detaching, pretty well, but there always seems to be some kind of noise.

It's difficult to block out the normal everyday noises, traffic, overhead announcements (I work in a hospital), other people's music blaring through their headphones, my own internal voices thinking about what needs to be done - whatever it is, it just never seems to stop.  Until this morning!  What a beautiful feeling.

What do you do to keep the noise at bay?

Live and sparkle,