And Now For Something Completely Different . . .

Today's entry is going to take a little different slant.  I recently underwent a surgical procedure to remove basal cell carcinoma on the side of my nose, which included a skin graft.

This is quite a common procedure and basal cell is the most curable cancer - you cut it away and it's gone, no treatments - just a little scar.  Since my diagnosis I have referred to it as an annoyance.

Now, 4 weeks after the procedure, I've realized that it is a little more than that.  It hit me last week, kind of like a brick, that I had a form of cancer - that dreaded word, and on my face!  The scar is more than on my face, there is an emotional one too.

I'm not looking for sympathy, what I am hoping to do is to encourage anyone with something that doesn't seem normal, to get it seen to.  Had I done that over 3 years ago when I noticed this, it would have just been an annoyance.  Something that could likely have been dealt with in the doctor's office with a bit of liquid nitrogen.

Now, the good thing about all this is the graft was taken from my laugh line, so to keep it from being too visible, I just need to laugh more.  Something else we all should do.


Live and sparkle!