Resolutions or Intentions - It's Up To You . . .

Happy New Year!!!  That time that so many of us think we need to make resolutions to make our selves and our lives better.  I've decided this year to make intentions rather than resolutions.

Resolution - a firm decision to do or not to do something

Intentions - a thing intended; an aim or plan

Intention seems so much gentler to me, a way to do good things for yourself in a kind way.  Resolution seems a little harsher - a firm decision!  Yikes!  What do we do to ourselves when we "fail" at our resolutions?

Think about when you are driving somewhere for the first time and make a wrong turn or find yourself lost, do you just give up?  Stay where you happen to be?  Not likely.  You ask for directions, or reset your GPS, or some of us may even still reference a map.  But we definitely don't just stop.  It is our intention to get to that destination, regardless of the detours we may have to make.  So it is with intentions.

So, what are your intentions for this year?  I hope you make loving ones for yourself and be kind to yourself if you make a wrong turn once in a while!

Live and sparkle,