Small Pond or Big Pond?

Recently I was watching the movie Big Fish with a dear friend.  A lovely Sunday afternoon on the comfy couch with a bowl of popcorn!

My friend had never seen the movie and it was likely my 5th or 6th time.  Watching it with someone who hadn't seen it made me pay closer attention and I picked up a number of things I either hadn't noticed before, or frankly, had forgotten.

There is a scene where the son was watching goldfish in a bowl and the dad was telling him how much bigger they would grow if they were in a large pond or body of water.  Of course, the movie is called Big Fish, so you can imagine where that goes!

But it got me thinking about myself and what size pond I live in.  If I expand my boundaries, or pond, how big will I grow.  I sometimes feel like my pond is very small, and other times like it has no limits.  That's where I am right now - no limits.  The more I grow (and I'm not talking physically) the bigger my pond needs to be, and the bigger my pond is, the more I can grow.

Consider how big your pond is.  Is it too small, or do you have room to grow?  I hope I never stop growing and that there will always be a pond to grow into.  And I hope the same for you!  Go for it, become a Big Fish!!


Live and sparkle!