Thoughts on Metamorphosis

I visited the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory this past week.  I love it there, watching the butterflies just do what they do!  Fly, flit, land - oblivious to the awe they create in the people wandering by.

I stood at the Emergence Centre for quite a while - I really like that word, emergence.  There were butterflies in all states of their development.  To them, this is a natural process.  They can't do anything to stop it or change it's direction.

What about people and their metamorphosis?  We are all on a path to emergence or metamorphosis, but sometimes things get in our way and cause us to stall.  We can't always do it on our own.  We need the help of others who can make sure we're on our correct path - to help us emerge to our better selves.

If you need help unfolding your wings, I'd be happy to assist.  Let your true self emerge - have your own Metamorphosis.  Fly, flit, dive, thrive!!!

Live and sparkle,