Freedom - We need to be ready for it!

Canada's 150th birthday - a celebration of all that is wonderful about living in a free country.

What do you think of when you think about freedom?  There are so many versions of it, everyone likely has their own definition.  The Canadian Oxford Dictionary states - "the condition of being free or unrestricted, personal or civic liberty, absence of slave status."

This got me thinking.  We all want freedom; freedom to choose, freedom in our relationships, freedom to move about as we like.  But sometimes when we get that freedom, we can lose our sense of safety.

Freedom opens many previously closed doors, but then we are forced to make decisions we might not have the tools to make.  Take for instance when slavery was abolished.  These individuals were now free to do as they wanted, but many of them weren't actually prepared for a life of freedom.  They were set free into a world that was an unknown to them.  How difficult that must have been - we all feel lost when we find ourselves in situations we are not prepared for.

I think we've all been there.  Some of us just open those doors and leap,  Others are a little more cautious - we want to have an idea of what we are getting into and how to best maneuver.

Are you a leaper or a planner?  There is no right or wrong answer, just something to think about.

Thank you Canada for giving us the freedom to take the opportunities and be free!

Live and sparkle,