Clouds and Life

I was doing some meditation in a friends backyard recently.  It was a beautiful, sunny day (rare occurence these days).  At the conclusion of our session, as I was wiggling my toes and stretching I opened my eyes and gazed at the sky.

The clouds were amazing.  I lay there and watched them for quite a while.  There were some big fluffy clouds, surrounded by lots of smaller wispy ones.  It was quite windy so the "landscape" of the small ones changed quite frequently.  The larger ones had a little more staying power and didn't change quite so quickly.

It reminded me of life, and how sometimes it changes so fast we hardly recognize it when we look back at where we were.  It's so true what they say - here today, gone tomorrow.  

So be sure to grab all you can out of each day, you never know when a great wind will come along and blow it in a different direction.  And that isn't a bad thing - it just means you need to be able to change with it and accept it, cause life will constantly change and there isn't always a way to stop it.

Live and sparkle,