How Do We Know?

I've just been watching interviews with the late, great Robin Williams!  Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Whoopie, Bill Crystal.  Such a funny, human, down to earth individual.  He made every host feel like they were the most special person in the world when he was talking to them.

So sad, that that feeling didn't transfer itself to him.    Like so many people with mental health issues, especially silent ones, they spend their lives making sure everyone else is okay, and not themselves.

As the daughter of someone who took her own life, my mom was always making sure everyone else was okay and then would hide her demons from those same people.

Keep an eye out for your friends - do regular check ins.  You just never know when they are going through something a lot deeper than what they let on.  You also don't know what small gesture may just be the one that makes a difference.

Deep thoughts for a dark, rainy night.

Live and sparkle,