Spring Time Tune-up

I love this time of year - all the gardens being dug up for new seedlings or plants.

I was watching someone with a rototiller in their garden - churning the soil, turning it for oxygenation and to bring healthy life to what they would plant.  There is something about machinery that fascinates me.  Watching it got me thinking about how we sometimes need to roto-till ourselves.

Dig up the old and let it go so the new can grow and thrive.  Just think if we did that every spring, took the time to look after our internal garden.  Let go of that which does not serve us and replace it with positive, healthy thoughts.  Give ourselves a little spring tune-up to ensure we keep growing and blossoming.

What kind of "seeds" would you plant - evaluate your priorities, spend more time looking after you, doing things that make you happy, spending more time with loved ones.  Whatever your "seeds" would be, now is the time to get that garden started.  And make sure it's a healthy one, so it lasts till next spring when you get to do it all again.

Live and sparkle,