Relationship Merry-Go-Round

In many ways, I think relationships can be compared to a merry-go-round.

Sometimes you sit comfortably, side by side on the big benches, totally in synch.

Sometimes one of you is on a big horse going up and down while your partner stands solidly beside you, with their hand on your back so you feel safe.

Sometimes you are on horses, side by side, going up and down, close enough to reach out and touch hands, but far enough away to be in your own world.

And sometimes you end up on opposite sides of the carousel, going up and down, not able to make contact, only seeing your own reflection in the big mirrors that make up the centre.

But when the ride is over, wherever you have been situated during it – you should head in the same direction to go through the exit gate together.  Having shared a great ride.

Has your relationship ever felt like this?

Live and sparkle,