Kindness - A Little Goes a Long Way

I recently watched a series on Netflix called The Kindness Diaries.  It's the real life adventure of a man named Leon and his vintage sidecar motorcycle (Kindness One) and their journey around the world, relying on the kindness of others.

These days when we sometimes feel like kindness has gone the way of the dodo, it was refreshing to see how kind people everywhere could be.  Leon started his journey with absolutely no money and could not take money from others, only acts of genuine kindness - food, gas, accommodation.

For those who treated him with exceptional kindness - many who had nothing to spare and some barely enough to exist, he repaid them with a life changing kindness - a rickshaw, a cow, paid for children's education, and even supplied an animal rescue in Whistler with food, toys, medicines, blankets - anything they needed to help the animals in the shelter.

Kindness is something that rarely costs us anything, really.  A gesture, a word, a smile.  Let's make it our intention to show more kindness toward people - I'm making it mine.

Live and sparkle,