Are We Ever Really Alone?


I’ve been talking with a number of people lately who struggle with the feelings that creep in when we feel like we’re all alone.

You know, the loneliness, the feeling like there is no one who understands, letting our doubts and insecurities take over our sense of ourself.

It’s generally pretty easy to feel good and be uplifted when we are around people who care about us and our well being, someone to share your thoughts with.  But really, who is the person who you should be able to depend on for that – the person who should really be your best friend?

That person is you!  You should have your own best interests at heart, you can be the one to lift yourself up, you can be your best friend.  Just think about how you feel if one of your friends is going through a tough time.  You want to be there for them, you want to help them feel better; you want to listen and be gentle.  Oh yes, be gentle.

So be gentle with yourself, be as kind to you as you are to those you care about.  Make yourself someone you care about.  It will make an amazing difference.  Stand beside yourself, be your best friend.

So, are we ever really alone – no, we can always with a friend who cares.

Live and sparkle,