Being someone fairly new to meditation, I always find that no matter how still I am, there is always noise in my head.  Sometimes quite loud and other times very quiet, but always present.

This morning I got into a relaxed position, my cat Bella snuggled up beside me - she loves it when it's time to meditate, soft music playing and I focused on my breathing.  Just breathing.  After a couple minutes I realized there was no noise in my head, nothing external or internal!

What an amazing feeling!  I was able to lay there and just be.  I've struggled with getting rid of the noise.  There always seems to be so much of it around us.  I've been able to do what I call detaching, pretty well, but there always seems to be some kind of noise.

It's difficult to block out the normal everyday noises, traffic, overhead announcements (I work in a hospital), other people's music blaring through their headphones, my own internal voices thinking about what needs to be done - whatever it is, it just never seems to stop.  Until this morning!  What a beautiful feeling.

What do you do to keep the noise at bay?

Live and sparkle,