Just Let Me Try

Do you find yourself using the word "try" frequently?  "I'll try and make it", "I'm going to try and lose weight", I'm going to try and call my mom/daughter/son more often".

The definition of try is to make an effort; attempt to accomplish or complete something.  Trying to do something is not measurable and there are no consequences of not doing it.

What if, instead of trying, you made it an intention?  "I intend to make it to the party by 6:00", "I intend to lose or release 5 pounds this month", I intend to call my mom/daughter/son once a week".  There is something in phrasing it this way that holds you accountable.

Intention indicates a commitment to something.  The definition of intention is a thing intended; an aim or a plan.  So really, it's like setting goals, be they big or small.

So now I was going to say - Give it a try!!!  But instead I'll suggest you make it your intention to rephrase how you talk to yourself about trying.  Give it a week and see if it makes a difference in how you look at things, and if it helps you get these things done.

It's my intention to remind you periodically about intentions in future blogs!!!

Live and sparkle,