'Tis The Season . . .

What do those 3 little words mean to you - 'tis the season?

For many it means spending time with family and loved ones, who perhaps they don't have a chance to see throughout the year.

For others, it could mean missing family and loved ones more because you won't see them, they live too far away, or have passed and their loss is so much more intense at this time.

It also means that people are so much kinder to each other for a few weeks.  I think that's my favourite part of the season.  Strangers greeting strangers, doing random acts of kindness for others, making time for people.  This also makes me a little sad because once it's over, most go back to their own lives - fewer greetings, less kindnesses shown.

Like the lyrics to the song say - If every day, could be like Christmas Day, what a wonderful world it would be.

Now wouldn't that be a wonderful world to live in???  Something to ponder on.

Live and sparkle,