Do Friends Leave Us or Do We Leave Them?

I've experienced a change lately with some of my friendships.  I did the usual, or at least I think it's usual, questioning myself on what I may have done, or said, assuming it must have been me.  Why would someone just choose to drop out of my life when I was always there, for every crisis.  I did a lot of self-examination about this.

I spoke with a friend recently, she still is a friend, who has had similar experiences.  In her case, she had spent a good amount of a so-called friendship walking on eggshells around the individual to make sure she didn't upset her.  Is she better off without that person in her life?  Am I better off without the person in my life?  Perhaps, but the question "why" is still unanswered.

Could it be that I am evolving into someone who doesn't want to just be there for the crises?  is my friend, we'll call her M, no longer wanting to walk on eggshells to keep a friendship alive?

So perhaps what has happened is we've evolved into people who want meaningful friendships, ones where we are accepted for who we are and allowed to be ourselves.  Perhaps our so-called friends have figured out that we are no longer door mats and withdrawn because they don't know how to deal with strong, individuals who know their own minds.

I think once we truly accept and appreciate who we are as individuals, it's easier for us to release people from our lives who don't.  So maybe it's really our decision to move away from friendships that don't serve our purpose, from people who don't understand who we are.

Something to think about this Thanksgiving weekend, while we give thanks for all the good people and things in our lives, and for ourselves.


Live and sparkle!