Who's Up For a Little Challenge?

I was thinking about all the things we can now track with technology - steps, sleeps, food, exercise. All great things that are meant to help us improve our health and well being.

What about something that would track positive vs negative thoughts.  Perhaps a little scary, but it could be something very worthwhile.

If you think about it, what do you think your ratio would be?  I like to think I'm a very positive person, but would my thoughts indicate that?  Would yours?

I'm going to spend the next few days being very conscious of my thoughts, and though I won't be tracking them officially, I will think about them and try to catch myself when the thoughts are less positive than they should be.  It will be interesting to see what I discover about myself.

I challenge you to do the same thing.  I'd love to hear from you as to what you find.


Live and sparkle!

The Light Isn't Always as Bright as It Seems

I recently attended a Celebration of Life for a young man who always seemed to be shining brightly.  He was kind, loving, generous, fiercely loyal and protective of those he loved.  That person who seemed to have it all.

But he also had demons, who sadly, got the best of him last week.  He has left behind a trail of devastation from his parents, siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins and a beautiful fiancé who was busy looking forward to a life with him.  Not to mention the many friends and co-workers who are left wondering, Why?

This was the second tragedy to strike this family - another young man was overtaken by his demons just 2 years ago.

I know many people who suffer from that slide into darkness, I've been there myself at times.  Knowing there are people who care and who will take the time to listen is so important.

So please, if it's you or someone you know, encourage people to talk.  We talk about all other kinds of illness, there is no shame in this.  We need to give the same time and attention to mental health, it is equally important as physical health.

We don't want to lose any more of our bright lights.


Live and sparkle!


The Universal Language - Cookies

I love baking cookies - and I've been told I'm a pretty good cookie baker.  My friend's kids actually call me "Cookie Sherri"!  

I was thinking about cookies recently and how they can reach anyone with their fresh baked goodness.  But more than that, I think it's the fact that someone actually takes the time to bake.

I bring cookies to work, give them to my friends, even my physiotherapist.  And it's always the same reaction.  They make people smile.

What other things are so simple to make, and bring so much joy to so many people?

I think we all need to figure out what our "cookie" is, and spread it around.  Take it from me, it's worth it.

Live and sparkle,


And Now For Something Completely Different . . .

Today's entry is going to take a little different slant.  I recently underwent a surgical procedure to remove basal cell carcinoma on the side of my nose, which included a skin graft.

This is quite a common procedure and basal cell is the most curable cancer - you cut it away and it's gone, no treatments - just a little scar.  Since my diagnosis I have referred to it as an annoyance.

Now, 4 weeks after the procedure, I've realized that it is a little more than that.  It hit me last week, kind of like a brick, that I had a form of cancer - that dreaded word, and on my face!  The scar is more than on my face, there is an emotional one too.

I'm not looking for sympathy, what I am hoping to do is to encourage anyone with something that doesn't seem normal, to get it seen to.  Had I done that over 3 years ago when I noticed this, it would have just been an annoyance.  Something that could likely have been dealt with in the doctor's office with a bit of liquid nitrogen.

Now, the good thing about all this is the graft was taken from my laugh line, so to keep it from being too visible, I just need to laugh more.  Something else we all should do.


Live and sparkle!


Resolutions or Intentions - It's Up To You . . .

Happy New Year!!!  That time that so many of us think we need to make resolutions to make our selves and our lives better.  I've decided this year to make intentions rather than resolutions.

Resolution - a firm decision to do or not to do something

Intentions - a thing intended; an aim or plan

Intention seems so much gentler to me, a way to do good things for yourself in a kind way.  Resolution seems a little harsher - a firm decision!  Yikes!  What do we do to ourselves when we "fail" at our resolutions?

Think about when you are driving somewhere for the first time and make a wrong turn or find yourself lost, do you just give up?  Stay where you happen to be?  Not likely.  You ask for directions, or reset your GPS, or some of us may even still reference a map.  But we definitely don't just stop.  It is our intention to get to that destination, regardless of the detours we may have to make.  So it is with intentions.

So, what are your intentions for this year?  I hope you make loving ones for yourself and be kind to yourself if you make a wrong turn once in a while!

Live and sparkle,


'Tis The Season . . .

What do those 3 little words mean to you - 'tis the season?

For many it means spending time with family and loved ones, who perhaps they don't have a chance to see throughout the year.

For others, it could mean missing family and loved ones more because you won't see them, they live too far away, or have passed and their loss is so much more intense at this time.

It also means that people are so much kinder to each other for a few weeks.  I think that's my favourite part of the season.  Strangers greeting strangers, doing random acts of kindness for others, making time for people.  This also makes me a little sad because once it's over, most go back to their own lives - fewer greetings, less kindnesses shown.

Like the lyrics to the song say - If every day, could be like Christmas Day, what a wonderful world it would be.

Now wouldn't that be a wonderful world to live in???  Something to ponder on.

Live and sparkle,


Why Wait??

How many of you get to this time of the year and start thinking about all the things you are going to start/change/fix in the New Year?

I start each year off with great intentions, as I'm sure many of us do, only to find by December I'm waiting for the year to end so I can start a new year with new intentions.  

How about rather than wishing away the last few weeks of the current year, you make those new intentions now?  You forget about the things that you feel you didn't accomplish, that didn't go the way you hoped they would, that you failed at, and just let them go.

Start afresh right now!  Don't wait for January 1st, do it December 6th or 7th or 8th.  Imagine how good you'll feel when January 1st comes and you've already got a few weeks of good intentions under your belt.  Give yourself a head start.

That's what I'm going to do, this way I can start the new year off ahead of the game, and there's nothing wrong with that, and lots right with it.

Are you with me?

Live and sparkle,


November Blah-g!

I struggle with the month of November - the dull, grey days; the chilly, damp winds; leaving work in the dark.  None of these things bring me much joy.  So I've been  trying to think about some positive attributes that November might have.  Well, it's the 19th today, and I finally came up with something.  What is positive about it is I have some dear friends who were born this month.  People who add to my life's enjoyment.  That, as far as I can determine, is the only redeeming quality, but it's a big one!

Are there things that you struggle to find something positive about in your life?  Situations that are stressful, people who are bothersome, workplace issues that seem to be never ending.

What if you stop and think about just one positive outcome that could be a result of any of those things?  Really think about how you can take some good from a situation.  It may only be that it will eventually come to an end.

So let those cold, damp winds blow away your November blahs by coming up with a positive spin on a challenging situation.  You'll feel better and before you know it, the month will be over (another positive thing about November).

Live and sparkle,


Do Friends Leave Us or Do We Leave Them?

I've experienced a change lately with some of my friendships.  I did the usual, or at least I think it's usual, questioning myself on what I may have done, or said, assuming it must have been me.  Why would someone just choose to drop out of my life when I was always there, for every crisis.  I did a lot of self-examination about this.

I spoke with a friend recently, she still is a friend, who has had similar experiences.  In her case, she had spent a good amount of a so-called friendship walking on eggshells around the individual to make sure she didn't upset her.  Is she better off without that person in her life?  Am I better off without the person in my life?  Perhaps, but the question "why" is still unanswered.

Could it be that I am evolving into someone who doesn't want to just be there for the crises?  is my friend, we'll call her M, no longer wanting to walk on eggshells to keep a friendship alive?

So perhaps what has happened is we've evolved into people who want meaningful friendships, ones where we are accepted for who we are and allowed to be ourselves.  Perhaps our so-called friends have figured out that we are no longer door mats and withdrawn because they don't know how to deal with strong, individuals who know their own minds.

I think once we truly accept and appreciate who we are as individuals, it's easier for us to release people from our lives who don't.  So maybe it's really our decision to move away from friendships that don't serve our purpose, from people who don't understand who we are.

Something to think about this Thanksgiving weekend, while we give thanks for all the good people and things in our lives, and for ourselves.


Live and sparkle!

Are You Spinning Out of Control?

Ever feel like things are spinning out of control and you aren't sure how to stop them?

Well, I've definitely been there, especially in the last couple weeks - I've been suffering from vertigo!  Things really have been spinning, it's not just a metaphor!!

I think September can bring a lot of change to our lives.  For those with children it's about getting them back to school.  For all of us, it's the end of the carefree days of summer, we get busier at work, vacation time is over - a number of things that can tip our lives a bit topsy-turvy.

What are some things we can do to get them back in control and stop spinning?  Taking some time to figure out what the important things are, and letting some things wait is a good idea.  Making a list and prioritizing always helps me.  We frequently feel we have to do everything ourselves and asking for help is somehow a sign of weakness, but it's okay, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.

September is a time of adjustment for most of us, so be kind to yourself, and try to keep the spinning to a minimum.


Live and sparkle!